The Grieving Stones, by Gary McMahon (2016)

GrievingStonesReview by Jaq D Hawkins.

The Grieving Stones starts out with a woman whose husband has died. She awakes in the night, feeling as if someone is in the house, then sees shapes in the dark to frighten her. She gets invited to a special retreat for her therapy group and the small group goes to a hotel named after a local stone circle, called the Grieving Stones.

The writing in this one is very good. As much as I don’t usually like to read about depressing circumstances, Alice elicited my sympathy and the events along the route to the primary location were interesting enough to keep me transfixed.

The plot moved in directions I didn’t expect and there were times when I wondered what was supernatural and what was hallucination. It definitely moved into disturbing realms before the end. I do think more could have been made of the history of the stone circle, but that’s just me with a fascination for such monuments.

There were some revelations towards the end that reminded me of actual mentally ill people I’ve spoken to. In some ways, the realistic parts were more disturbing than the supernatural incidents for their all too believable authenticity.