Review: High Moor 3: Blood Moon by Graeme Reynolds (2015)

High Moor 3: Blood MoonReview by Jaq D Hawkins.

I devoured the first two books of this series and watched for this third book with anticipation. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

The story launches into a high action flashback in the prologue, reminding us of the characters we got to know in the earlier books and the dynamics among them. Then, in the first chapter, we are drawn right into the tension of a situation that is the result of events that finished book two. The werewolf clan, exposed now, have a whole new set of problems.

Like the previous books in the series, the werewolves are violent creatures and no one is immune; good guys, bad guys, children, anybody. To my relief, the victims tend to be human and no cats got munched. That would have upset me. But also like the previous books, it’s natural to sympathise with the werewolves, at least the sensible ones. We get to know several characters and how they deal with living as werewolves, caught between justifiably hostile humans and a clan system that relies on military-like precision and hierarchy to keep the werewolves alive.

In this third story, all hell breaks loose. The humans know about the werewolves now and react accordingly. Some want to study them, most just want them contained, many want them exterminated. Considering the organisation the werewolves have in place, this can only mean war. But it’s not that simple. Internal clan politics have split asunder and while one faction wants to put a lid on the breach, another is bent on demonstrating far too openly that werewolves are not to be messed with.

While we revisit characters from the first two books, I think the opening chapters have been artfully written in a way that would bring a new reader into the story, although I do recommend reading the previous books just because they’re really good and events this far along would give spoilers for the earlier books.

Without giving spoilers, I found the end of the trilogy very satisfying. Graeme Reynolds has really earned his place on my favourite authors list. The Epilogue actually brought a tear to my eye, both as a beautiful resolution and because it touched on an issue I feel strongly about. Anyone who loves a good scary werewolf story is guaranteed to love this whole series.