Review: The Immortal Body by William Holloway (2014)

The Immortal BodyReview by Jaq D Hawkins.

We start out with a healer at a revivalist meeting. The emphasis on religion in this story is strong and the world of faith healers and revivalist meetings is well depicted. Then something goes terribly wrong. The forces behind healing power will come into question through a series of inexplicable violent crimes.

For a Horror novel, much of this one reads a lot like a police procedural or Thriller novel, but there are some pretty gruesome murders. The motive seems to be unexplainable as well as the method. Something supernatural is involved and there are heavy Occult overtones as well as plenty of shootings and other violence, even Nazis.

The writing itself is very good and I got caught up in the action scenes very thoroughly, however, the plot seems to diverge into tangents as if there are multiple stories being told that only loosely relate to each other. Some of the timing is off: for example, a significant incident in chapter one leaves out the resolution for an important character involved. That character’s ultimate fate appears almost as an afterthought much later on.

The story moves very fast in some places, then slow in others. I think overall it could have been tightened up for better coherence. Having said that, conveying action, emotion and all that makes a good Horror were strong points. As I said, the writing itself is very good and pretty much mistake-free. The jumps from one situation to another help create that feeling of being off-kilter and lend a certain unease to the overall reading experience.

Like Lucky’s Girl, another book I’ve read from this author, the story is split into parts. Perhaps it’s part of his style. the story is split into parts. Perhaps this is part of Holloway’s style. Personally, I think it breaks the continuity of a story. At the same time, it does serve as a separation of different stages of things happening with various characters and of an overall progression.

The dialogue and character development are done well. The only problem with the story really is the pacing. The story progression does happen though. I had mixed feelings about the ending, but I’ll say no more about that as I don’t want to give spoilers. The forces behind the supernatural happenings in the story could have been more thoroughly explained as well. I love occult and demonic stories, but look for strong world building in these.

I would give this one a strong 3.5 stars. I’ll be interested to see what else the author writes in the future.