Shadowgum presents the Horror Wiki!

With apologies to Sam RaimiShadowgum proudly presents its new project: the Horror Wiki!

The Horror Wiki aims to cover horror fiction in all forms, including literature, film, television and more. It already has material on writers from past eras of horror: Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft and Dennis Wheatley. It also covers classic films including Night of the Living Dead, The Mummy and The Black Cat.

Perhaps you would like to read about the video nasty scare that hit Britain in the 1980s? Perhaps you would prefer to go hunting for forgotten gems, such as Seabury Quinn’s werewolf tale “The Wolf of St. Bonnot“. We even have an article on Nigeria’s Sakobi films.

Of course, at this early stage, the Horror Wiki is still missing a great amount of content. A wiki is anothign without its contributors, and we hope that horror fans the world over will chip in to expanding our new project. We have a few basic rules in place, so give them a look over and feel free to get stuck in!