Brian Pulido speaks out on dispute with Avatar Press over Lady Death

Lady DeathBrian Pulido, the comic writer who created Lady Death with illustrator Steven Hughes, has spoken openly about a rift with previous Lady Death publisher Avatar Press in an interview with The Outhouse.

The interview comes in the wake of Pulido launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the first volume in a new Lady Death series without the involvement of Avatar Press, which had formerly been publishing the title under its Boundless Comics imprint.

Here is Pulido’s description of his dispute with the publisher:

‘When Boundless Comics pitched me on the idea of a new Lady Death monthly series, there were certain promises put in place by the publisher to me. Then, the series was launched and not long thereafter, we started having problems.

Initially, by agreement, I was providing “scriptments” from which writer Mike Wolfer would provide scripts. Around #18, I was cut out of the writing process all together with no notice.

To world at large, the book was coming out on a consistent monthly basis, but in my opinion, their promises to me were not being kept. Several of these promises were critical to the bottom line of my household and my family.

I attempted to resolve the matter directly with the publisher over a long period of time. Ultimately, we could not come to an agreement. So, I requested that Diamond Comics Distribution halt distribution of the Boundless series until we could resolve the matter and they did.

Months went on and we still could not reach an agreement. I filed a lawsuit against Avatar Press and Boundless Comics here in Arizona in June 2013. Avatar/Boundless launched a countersuit against me personally and against my business in November 2013.

We then spent from November through the following October resolving the matter. We finally reached a settlement on October 8, 2014. While I am not at liberty to discuss the details of the settlement, what I can say is that I am now the sole owner of the intellectual property Lady Death, all of her stories, all characters related to her stories, her logo, etc.’

In the same interview Pulido discusses the gothic anti-heroine’s upcoming comic, clarifying that it is “not a reboot, rather, it is the next chapter in her undead life”:

‘Our story is set in the present, in a vision of Hell that is extraordinarily treacherous. Think of it as a new chapter in her life. Hell has been re-envisioned as a teeming megalopolis of all architecture from all time, crashing upon itself, festering with all the vile humanity you would come to expect. In this environment, Lady Death wakes from a 20-year spell-induced slumber. Who among her despicable enemies is responsible? How long until she exacts blood vengeance?’